Jealott's Hill Community Landshare - Outstanding

This project continues to expand and break new boundaries, despite the great success it has already achieved. The former trial ground has been repurposed to provide a vast range of facilities for community groups and individual volunteers. The project has created a tranquil haven for gardeners of all abilities and disabilities, and wildlife. Supported by a host of key community partners, with organised activities, public open days etc., this is a superb example of what can be achieved if you get all the right support components in place.

Friends in Need at Jealott's Hill Community Landshare - Developing

The enthusiasm of the group was evident from the planning stage through to the maintenance and harvesting of the produce, the Friends in Need plot benefited from the art groups involvement, the introduction of recycled mosaic tiles, handmade plant labels and use of charity shop goods have created interest gave the group’s plot a unique identity.

Sequela at Jealott's Hill Community Landshare - Developing

Sequela is fundamentally a support group for people with Degenerative Diseases and limited capabilities, but one can only marvel at the progress that has been made in creating such an enjoyable therapeutic environment for the participants.                                                                                                       

Stronger Voices at Jealott's Hill Community Landshare - Thriving

This project was started by Bracknell Forest Council and other partners to help the local Nepalese community improve their language skills and so their integration with the wider community.  
Around 60 Nepalese people are now involved with working on this plot at Jealotts Hill Landshare, and a wide range of vegetables and herbs are being grown on the plot.                                                                                                           

The Warfield Environment Group -Thriving

The Warfield Environment Group has continued to encourage community involvement with enhancing sites and habitats in the Warfield area through various events and activities.  This year this has included litter picks, native hedge planting, and making bird feeders and bug boxes with children at the local fete. The Group has just started an ambitious survey of veteran and ancient trees in the Parish.

Warfield Grow an Share at Jealott's Hill Community Landshare - Thriving

Warfield Grow and Share has a very creative and well laid out half acre plot at Jealotts Hill Landshare. A central hub – including a tea garden – is surrounded by a wide range of fruit, flowers, vegetables and herbs grown by people of all ages and from different countries.

Lysander Drive Gardens Bracknell - Thriving

The residents of Lysander Drive share a common goal in making their front gardens a feature to be enjoyed by all.  Despite the battle of dealing with building rubble and a poor soil structure, householders have taken on the challenge and are creating a diverse range of gardens which are now starting to mature and thrive.                                                                                          

Wroxham Community Garden - Bracknell - Outstanding

Wroxham Community Garden provides an excellent example of all that It’s Your Neighbourhood stands for.  An oasis has been created in what was once a dull and bare space with a wide range of planting achieved in a relatively small area, including an amazing and innovative use of recycling and many features to attract wildlife.                                                                                            

Whitely GrowAllot Reading - Thriving

Whitley GrowAllot uses different types of beds at various heights to grow a good variety of produce. The introduction of three beehives to the site has helped the scheme come to life not only producing a good quality honey but also helping to pollinate the crops. Water collection was very important and a solar pump to aerate the pond was a nice touch. Plenty of bird boxes and feeders around the site help with wild life. It was also interesting to see Nepalese woman on site growing their native crops.                                   

Incredible Edible Reading Wokingham - Thriving

The judges were impressed by the outstanding enthusiasm and commitment of the group, which includes members from the youngest to the most senior, and the range of activities they undertake. The group has made sustainable links with the Council, the Bloom and other community groups and individuals. A particular area of achievement is the concept of community gardening in a public park!

Transition Wokingham Community Garden - Outstanding

At Cockpit Path a piece of unused, derelict land at the corner of a car park has been transformed into an attractive and productive community garden. The Garden has been created by volunteers of all ages, and is open to all to enjoy the flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit, or to watch wildlife attracted to the garden.                                                                                                           

Buckingham Park Garden Project Aylesbury - Establishing

Since starting in May the BPGP now has monthly litter picks and garden clinics to sort problems and advise, plant swaps are held and unwanted items upcycled.  The children are involved and encouraged.  When the front gardens are planted the streets could become beautiful floral corridors

Central Housing Residents Association Milton Keynes - Establishing

This enclosed site has the potential to be a wonderful haven and a focus for uniting the community in activities, events and community gardening.  The association has identified the work needed and made plans for its execution.

Tinkers Bridge Residents Association - Improving

Rubbish management, recycling and education have been the focus this year to improve the estates environment.  The association involves many local groups across a wide age range working on the improvements and the number of front gardens with colourful planting is increasing.

Gainsborough Residents Henley - Thriving

Visiting Gainsborough was a real inspiration from the moment we arrived we were made so welcome. The enthusiasm of everyone we met was fantastic, all wanting to make a difference to where they live. It was a really good feeling of a ‘Community’ and the IYN was making an impact with a lot of the residents taking part and all working together. We both enjoyed our time from the moment we arrived to the time we left.

Mansie Gardens Watlington - Developing

This is a very interesting entrant to IYN.  A little hidden garden area where you would go to for some quiet time.  There were some lovely raised beds to enjoy and some interesting trees.  We look forward to the future when the vine produces some grapes and who knows, it might even give us some wine next time!  Well done to everyone involved in this project.


Dimensions at Jealott's Hill Community Landshare -

This well planned and well set out plot at Jealotts Hill Landshare has been developed by adults with learning difficulties, supported through the Dimensions Group. A range of flowers, fruit and vegetables are being grown. 

1st Warfield Beavers at Jealott's Hill Community Landshare - Establishing

The four groups of Beavers have made an enthusiastic start on their new plot at Jealotts Hill Landshare, and have started to grow some fruit and vegetables, as well as providing bug hotels for wildlife.

Kids at Jealott's Hill Community Landshare - Establishing

'Kids' is a National Organisation providing Respite Support for young adults with restricted abilities however, they do enjoy creating and building a ‘garden’ in a supervised and safe environment coupled with other interactive social activities.                                                                                                     

SMART at Jealott's Hill Community Landshare - Establishing

Continues to provide social support for it’s clients through gardening activity, a change of scene, and an opportunity to focus on something practical, on their plot at Jealott’s Hill. While growing plants is a secondary objective here, nevertheless the group have successfully produced several crops again this year, including potatoes, onions and garlic, and strawberries, as well as herbs, and flowering plants, much appreciated by the bees.

Support Horizons at Jealott's Hill Community Landshare - Improving

The achievement of this small group, in only half a day a week was impressive, the plot continues to develop with the addition of raised planters and greenhouse. The new greenhouse will assist the group in the germination of seeds and growing young plants on. The new raised planters built by a local company will be a great addition to the plot when finished off by the Group. 

 Sorelle at Jealott's Hill Community Landshare - Establishing

'Sorelle' is an innovative gardening project providing support and tuition to people with leaning difficulties and autism.  As we know gardening can often ignite hidden talents and one commends ‘Sorelle’ for their efforts.

4th Bracknell Sea Scout Group - Thriving

Peter and his team have created a wonderful environment in which young people can develop and learn.  The recycled kitchen garden, the soft fruit garden, the two boats with strawberries and wildflowers and the bedding around the pond have all added a new dimension for 2015.                     

Southcote GrowAllot Community Allotment Reading - Thriving

Southcote GrowAllot is an important green hub for local residents and families; including those from nearby high rise flats with no gardens. The project reaches out in a variety of ways into the local community and provides a welcome to all, and has good success in growing high quality vegetables and fruit. New features such as a willow arch, the use of innovative horticultural methods, and development of extra growing areas and a wildflower patch all show that Southcote GrowAllot continues to thrive.                                   

Ridgeline Trust Thearapeutic Garden Reading - Outstanding

Ridgeline Trust Therapeutic Garden has developed from an area of rough grass with a few old trees into the jewel it is today. The objective of the Garden is to provide a venue where people with physical and /or mental disabilities, and other special needs, can receive Horticultural Therapy, and also enjoy pottering about at whatever level they want. In a busy urban area, the Garden has been transformed into an oasis of calm beauty. A wide range of different horticultural features, both ornamental and culinary, have and are continuing to be developed by the ‘core’ volunteers, and also a range of voluntary groups including dementia sufferers, a group of Nepalese people, and students from the nearby Reading University.                                                                

Transition Wokingham Garden Share Scheme - Outstanding

Transition Wokingham's Garden Share Scheme has brought ten unused and underutilised gardens back into productive use, providing the home owner or tenant, and the volunteer gardener with healthy and cheap produce. New friendships have been formed and skills shared, and volunteers are now training others to start a similar scheme in Bracknell. 

Bearbrook Green Fingers Aylesbury - Improving

A potentially good use of an open space area associated with flats whose residents are being involved in the creation of a garden. The aim is to have a diversity of areas encompassing wildlife, floral and vegetable production to the benefit of those living there.                                                                         

Brooks Court Gardens Buckingham - Developing

Much hard work has gone on here to clear the existing garden area of the pre-existing 'green' landscape planting and to replace it with mixed annuals and perennials which has brightened up the area making it much more attractive for use by the residents and to passers-by. This includes the river terrace and some vegetable production. What's impressive is that much of this has been achieved through on site plant production from seed and cuttings

Netherfield Environment Team Milton Keynes - Establishing

The Environment Team is making progress in addressing the problems of litter and fly tipping with regular patrols.  The children from Langlands Community School hope, for the first time, to make their own apple juice for their Apple Festival this autumn.   

Stony Stratford North End Project Milton Keynes - Thriving

Once again over the year this project has achieved much, the pond has a liner and is re edged with stone and a jetty with a woven hazel safety barrier built, more wild flowers have been planted and wildlife habitats provided.  It is planned that local school children will use the facility for environmental studies.                                                                                                          

York House Community Gardens Stony Stratford - Thriving

This scheme has made considerable progress recently acquiring a polytunnel and planting fruit trees.  The eight user groups encompass a wide range of ages and abilities undertaking horticultural activities and achieve a high standard of horticultural practice.