Funding opportunity for groups

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If you scroll down the page there is a Quiz to tell you if your project qualifies.

We will award six grants per year in each of the 428 Tesco regions to make sure the funding is spread evenly across England, Wales and Scotland*. In total the community grant scheme will support around 2,500 projects each year. Because we're expecting there to be a major demand for grants, Groundwork will assess all of the applications received and then provide a shortlist of the applications received for a Tesco regional panel to agree three successful projects to forward to a vote in Tesco stores. Tesco customers will vote over two weekends in their store for their favourite shortlisted local project. Grants will then be awarded as follows:

1st place in Tesco customer vote:  £12,000 grant
2nd place in Tesco customer vote: £10,000 grant
3rd place in Tesco customer vote:  £8,000 grant